The use and trade of data is at the heart of the growth strategy of all businesses today, from tech through biopharma to financial services. Companies operating across the data lifecycle – and the law firms that advise them – must have a deep understanding of the regulation, management, protection and exploitation of data to realise the value of their data assets.

Global Data Review (GDR) is the trusted source of news and analysis for companies and their counsel who understand the value of data and are seeking best practice strategies to protect it. GDR provides critical insight into the market landscape with a wide range of regular reports and surveys, helping users monitor market sentiment and the trends that matter. Litigation trackers ensure practitioners know legal precedent is developing in key markets. Users can navigate the world’s complex data regulation landscape with our technical library, collaborative community research and in-depth reviews from key jurisdictions.

Lexology PRO is a core research partner for in-house data protection teams and their counsel, offering a suite of real-time regulatory alerts, focused analysis, black-letter primary sources, cross-jurisdictional Q&As and practical resources to drive intelligent research and help companies stay on top of the proliferating risks they face.

LBR connects data-focused counsel through a range of events and webinars designed to bring together leaders and experts to analyse the constant change in the field. Through the performance data offering, we also provide proprietary data and analysis on law firm performance based on comprehensive research methodologies, helping users compete effectively across borders.

Global Data Review (GDR) is the trusted source of worldwide news and analysis on the use and trade of data.

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News and Analysis

GDR’s comprehensive news and analysis, as well as in-depth guidance and exclusive data, is curated to meet users’ specific requirements. The global legal community relies on GDR to keep it informed on the developments and issues that matter.

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Reports Centre

Our reports are informed by our content, which is produced by our experts and the world’s leading law firms, giving us a clear overview of the legal issues concerning the business world. All of our reports are informed by our content, which is produced by our experts and the world’s leading law firms, giving us a clear overview of the legal issues concerning the business world.

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ECJ Case Tracker

The Case Tracker, built by combining ECJ records and GDR analysis and news coverage, allows readers to track the court’s caseload and see which issues it is set to resolve.

As far as possible, cases include primary documents such as ECJ records of referred questions, national courts’ referral decisions, and pre-hearing case summaries prepared by the ECJ. The latter two sources are generally preferred, as they contain detail about cases’ underlying facts, as well as the points of law that are referred.

The tracker provides details on the source of referrals: GDR has mapped whether issues have arisen in appeals against data protection authorities, private litigation, appeals against non-DPA authorities, criminal prosecutions and European Commission enforcement via the ECJ. Two cases in the General Court result from challenges to EU agency decisions.

The database does not currently aim to catch all data protection cases ever filed; it currently only features cases that were filed in the GDPR era, including some cases that were filed post-25 May 2018 but tackle pre-GDPR questions. The dataset will be expanded to catch earlier key cases, but it currently focuses mostly on pending cases and those which will soon be referred to the ECJ. Future updates will otherwise aim to add more information about individual cases.

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