Lexology Prize Draw Terms & Conditions


When you complete a survey in full, you may be entitled to claim such Incentive (if any) as is stated on the website in connection with the relevant survey. Incentives are in the form the opportunity to win a prize via a prize draw.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is no obligation on Lexology to provide any Incentive in relation to any survey.

You shall not be eligible to receive an incentive until you have fulfilled the full participation requirements of the relevant survey, as notified to you via the website upon entering the relevant survey. Where non-monetary incentives are offered, no cash alternative is available.

You will be responsible for paying any tax and/or national insurance that you are due to pay to relevant tax authorities arising out of any rewards or incentives you are paid for answering surveys.

Prize draws

Lexology may enter you into a prize draw as part or full incentive for your participation in a survey. Terms and conditions applicable to Incentives and prize draws are set out below. Any prize draw entered will be subject to “survey specific” terms and conditions (stating, for example, closing date for entry), in addition to these terms and conditions, which shall be displayed on the website at the point of participation.

Lexology Privacy Policy

We are Law Business Research Limited. We’re a UK company, registered number 03281866, and our registered office is Meridian House, 34-35, Farringdon Street, Holborn, London EC4A 4HL, United Kingdom

We operate the Lexology website and subscription service. This statement explains what we do with your personal information when you register to use that website, subscribe to use our service, and how to exercise your rights over it.

If you have any questions about our use of your personal information, or if you want to exercise your rights, you can contact our data privacy team. The best way to do this is by email to [email protected], but if you prefer you can also write to us at: Data Protection Team, Law Business Research Limited, New Hibernia House, Winchester Walk, London, SE1 9AG.

Who is in control of your information?

In respect of the personal information you give us when completing a Lexology Survey, we are the “data controller” responsible for that information.

The information we collect about you, how we will collect it, why we collect it and what we will do with it:

  • Most of our surveys collect information about your opinions.
  • We occasionally carry out a survey which records personal information which can be used to identify you, such as your name and email address.
  • Almost all our surveys are anonymous. This means we do not link you as an individual to the answers you give on a survey.
  • For many of our surveys the information you provide is only used when combined with other people’s responses. We will want to report on your views, but we will not analyse the details in such a way that you can be identified individually. The amalgamated data is used to provide reports and statistical analysis.
  • The legal basis on which we deal with your personal information.
  • When we use your personal information to process your survey submission or administer a prize, we do this on the basis of our legitimate interest in conducting our research.

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