Company news | 15 Nov 2019

FUNraising Pub Quiz Night

On Thursday 14th November, LBR’s best and brightest headed down to the first floor to participate in the FUNraising Pub Quiz Night.

Eleven teams entered the fray. The stakes were high, the tension was palpable. There were some terrific names on display but big congratulations to the winners of the Best Team Name: We Thought This Was Speed Dating. (And thanks for sticking around despite the confusion. We hope you find love someday).

Our peerless quizmaster Davet Hyland hit us with questions covering it all. Podcasts. Olympians. Verve songs. John Lewis adverts. Rod Stewart’s twenty-six-year miniature train obsession (look it up).

It was a close-run thing but after a few hours and a few more bottles of wine, a clear winner emerged; a huge congratulations to the victorious team, They Who Shall Not Be Named!

Magnanimous in their victory, the winners collectively decided to donate their prize money towards the Swawou School for Girls; this amazing gesture of generosity meant we were able to add £120 onto our total for the evening, an amount that will make a big difference.

A big thank you to everyone who took part and made it such a terrific night, and to all those who donated their time and money – we raised an exceptional £612.00 from this event, which will be put to fantastic use at the Swawou School for Girls.

Special thanks go to Davet for hosting an excellent quiz, and to Callum Campbell for taking the time to speak to us about Swawou and reminding us of why fundraising events like this are so important.

There are scores to be settled in determining who the true brainboxes of LBR are next year, but for the time being congratulations again to the winners and we look forward to seeing everyone again at the next event!

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