Product news | 03 Sep 2019

Latin Lawyer Elite: the firms

The 2019 Latin Lawyer Elite firms are now profiled here. Each have carved out their own paths towards excellence and demonstrate unique areas of strength.

They are all members of the Latin Lawyer 250, a guide of leading law firms in Latin America, which means they have a proven excellent service offer. They are also at the top of their markets according to other indicators, such as institutional strength, international outlook and social responsibility.

To finalise the list of firms, Latin Lawyer has drawn on data compiled through our own leading independent surveys into management practices, including diversity, international experience and pro bono; our research into each legal marketplace as part of the Latin Lawyer 250; our ongoing news coverage of the leading deals and cases across Latin America; and our research with clients, including through the Latin American Corporate Counsel Association (LACCA), which is affiliated to Latin Lawyer. Our senior editorial team has also assessed the make-up of the list, bringing their accumulated years of detailed, on-the-ground knowledge to the table.

We have used this data to award firms points in seven areas of excellence. The range of points in each category is divided into three bands, and firms are given a score of one, two or three when compared to other top firms within their jurisdictions. Three is the highest score. Points are illustrated in the spider graphs on the following pages. While the graphs illustrate multiple routes to excellence, we acknowledge that numbers don’t tell the whole story, and accompanying each data set is a short explanation of what each firm does best.

Latin Lawyer Elite firms are compared with peers in their own jurisdiction. It would be wrong to compare the M&A activity of a firm in Mexico with that of a firm in Venezuela, while Brazilian firms have generally made more headway in gender diversity than the Chilean market, and so on. Nevertheless, firms have all been measured using the same criteria, albeit on a different scale.

The selection process to identify the group of Latin Lawyer Elite firms allows firms to move on or off the list each year. The 2019 list of firms is not exhaustive, but the selected firms are there for good reason. They all bring successful, innovative strategies and experiences to the table, which are profiled in brief over these pages.

We have focused on the region’s largest economies – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela – as well as Panama and the Central American region. Our intention is to include other countries in the future. We have also included law firms that are part of international firms but note that they all have local roots.

The 2019 Latin Lawyer Elite firms lead the way in their respective markets on account of the excellent work they do for clients, but also because they invest significant time and effort in maintaining their competitive edge through astute business development and careful talent management.

To read about what each firm on the list excels in, click here.

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