Company news | 06 Feb 2020

LBR Film Night

Last Thursday evening, the LGBT+ and FUNraising Committees joined forces to put on a brilliant film night for the business. After much deliberation and a popular vote, the film chosen was Moonlight, the 2017 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture wrapped in scandal. The film tells the story of a young black man growing up in poverty and coming to terms with his sexuality.


The evening was enjoyed by all; we had pizza and popcorn aplenty and lots of lovely drinks. The team pulled in sofas from all over the building to make sure the setting was really comfy too! At the end of the night we even had some leftover pizza (who would have thought?!) which was generously donated to the rest of the LBR staff the next morning.


Many thanks to everyone who showed up to the film night or popped down to get an early morning slice. All up, we raised £75 for the Swawou School for Girls – fantastic!


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