Company news | 03 Aug 2021

Learn, Build, Reach: LBR launches Learning and Development Strategy

Throughout 2021, we have made a business wide commitment to invest more in learning and development, to ensure that every employee at LBR can access the training they need to thrive in their roles.

We are working hard to create a true learning culture, investing in the continuous development of our most important asset: Our People.

We are working to do this by supporting all our employees in 3 key areas; Learn, Build, and Reach.

Learn new skills – Learning new skills and developing existing ones is at the heart of this strategy. We are committed to giving our employees both the time and resources needed to develop the skills they need to succeed in their role.

Build business knowledge – We will continue to support all employees to build their business knowledge along with developing their skills. We want to encourage knowledge sharing across departments and divisions to help our employees to grow.

Reach your potential – As well as supporting employees to learn new skills and business knowledge, we also want to encourage and support everyone to fully reach their potential by thinking about what their next career step is, how they can get there, and how these fit with our wider business goals and growth strategy.

LBR are fully committed to ensuring that every employee has the ability and capacity to make use of this enhanced learning and development offering, so to support this strategy, we are rolling out a companywide initiative allocating 1 hour of personal development time each week.

We’re excited to share how more about how we’re continuing to improve learning and development at LBR over the next year and beyond.

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