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Product news | 11 Jun 2019

Why more users are choosing Lexology PRO

You may already have heard about our most recent addition to our platform, Lexology PRO, but do you know why more users are choosing to upgrade?

Lexology PRO is our three-tiered subscription-based service which comes with more powerful features aimed at streamlining your workflow and reducing the endless hours you currently spend on research activities.

We have introduced workflow tools which encourage collaborative working and make sharing and saving content more efficient, giving you a streamlined approach to your working.

PRO’s other features include:

Unlimited article reads
Lexy – an AI-powered research assistant
Lexology GTDT – your comparative global Q&A guide
API-delivered content
Co-branded newsfeeds
RSS feed integration

Workflow tools

The first part of our PRO offering is the workflow tools, giving you more freedom to collaborate and organise your saved content with unlimited folders. The tools include unlimited article reads, access to over 850,000 articles, clippings, save and file functionality, unlimited folders, RSS feeds, custom notes and PDF creative briefings.

Take a look at the full benefits of our workflow tools here.


Lexy is an intuitive, natural language processing search tool that enables you to find relevant content more quickly than with keyword or Boolean searching. You may have been given a topic to research and want to find the relevant matches for that subject; with Lexy you can take copy from a document, website or email and paste it into our search function, and Lexy will return with closely matched articles powered by clever technology.

Find out more about Lexy here.

Lexology GTDT

Users of the service will benefit from wider work area and country coverage than ever before. You also have the ability to build brand new country investment reports and to use our enhanced comparison tool, which can return over 2 billion combinations of answers.

As the stats show, Lexology GTDT will offer you more insight than ever before as you search across 112 practice areas150 jurisdictions and 6,400 experts.

Click here to find out more about Lexology GTDT

Content delivered by API

Our API enables you to configure content feeds from Lexology to power your current awareness initiatives. The most common use case is to populate intranet pages, typically in SharePoint or HighQ, with a feed of the most relevant content.

The following filters can be applied:

Work area
Topic (eg, Brexit, GDPR, blockchain, SCOTUS, ERISA)
The law firm that authored the article

Co-branded newsfeed

You now have the power to turn Lexology into your own internal publication by branding it to your own corporate colours and images.

RSS feed integration

You can now keep up-to-date with all of the content you’ve subscribed to via Lexology and receive continual updates through your feed reader.

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