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Our editorial and content team is focused on one thing: producing high-level, necessary intelligence for a demanding and discerning audience. We have a rigorous focus on quality across our platforms, meaning our people work together to deliver market-leading information to enhance clients’ decision-making.

For our editorial teams, that means writing stories on topics that underpin business, law and policy, for a global audience of experts. To meet their needs, our reporting achieves a high bar of balance, depth and accessibility, and our teams are offered the space and support to continuously improve those skills. Our brands have very high profiles in their marketplaces, which means doors are open for our journalists to access key thinkers, policymakers and professionals in their community. And our newsroom – which includes more than 50 reporters across three continents – is a place in which like-minded colleagues challenge and encourage each other to produce the best stories, fast.

Our content team is as broad as our information services offering, and our teams of analysts, editors and copy-editors are focused on delivering proprietary data- and research-led tools and content to a high-level audience. Our analysts work hand-in-glove with our product team to create new tech-enabled content sets and products across our audiences and platforms. Our content editors and copy-editors produce and refine large volumes of high-level information so our readers have access to the research they need, when they need it. Across the content team, we work with colleagues throughout the business to ensure our brands are known for trusted intelligence and insight.

Starting Your Career at LBR

LBR offers those at the beginning of their journalism career the strongest of starts. Our deep focus on quality means our next generation is trained to the highest standard, both through formal training and ongoing feedback from experienced editors. We’re supportive, but we also put our early-career journalists on the front line quickly, producing complex stories and interviewing high-profile professionals. We cover the topics that move policy, law and business globally, meaning our reporters are schooled in the forces behind the stories in the mainstream press. And we are digital at heart, offering a breadth of opportunities to innovate in how that content reaches our audiences.

An Unrelenting Focus on Quality

Our content and editorial team includes professionals from a wide range of functions, from content producers to data scientists to copy-editors. But whether the day-to-day job is getting under the skin of text to mould and improve it; spotting trends in large datasets that others may have missed; or developing exclusive insight that supports our audience’s decision-making, one element drives us all – ensuring the information we put in the hands of our readers is the best it can be.

Meet the Team

Ultimately, what is important is that new team members have enthusiasm for the role, a desire to push themselves, solid communication skills, and the ability to adapt as goals and objectives inevitably shift.

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