Data Science and Analysis

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, including leveraging the work of our analysts and journalists through technology. We are committed to using the latest in AI and NLP to make the most of huge volumes of global content. Our data scientists and developers use machine learning to turn our content sets and data into actionable insights.

We use machine learning and entity extraction to tag and enrich our content sets, whether that content is authored by our own teams, contributed by external experts or is original legal source material including jurisprudence, legislation and regulatory updates. Our global taxonomy is one of our key assets.

Our data scientists dig into our data, exposing trends from structured and unstructured data and then visualising the results in compelling formats. Our developers build on this providing customers with tools to mine and understand our years of carefully gathered and curated content.

Our legal research assistant Lexy uses natural language processing to understand the essence of the input from the user and then to cluster conceptually similarly content around it.


Performance Indices

Our team of researchers, analysts and data scientists work together to create a rigorous evaluation framework that ensures accuracy and consistency in our indices.

Once our extensive research data is collected, ratings of lawyers and law firms are calculated daily according to proprietary in-house algorithms. This unique system results in in-depth ratings of thousands of law and consulting firms worldwide and allows LBR to serve the market with the data they need.

We utilise in-house data visualisation, SQL, statistical and analytical skillsets to transform 1 million data points on the world’s leading law firms – and longitudinal data going back to 2015 – into a market-leading data analytics product, offering year-on-year dataset trend analysis and actionable insight into legal market dynamics.

Litigation Analytics

Data science sits at the heart of our litigation analytics products, and we have extensive expertise in using advanced techniques to process, categorise and tag raw data points to a customised taxonomy. Enriching raw data in this way allows us to evaluate the meaning of the data points and find patterns, trends, anomalies in the US litigation landscape.

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