Technologists and Analysts

Our team has grown and expanded to power a modern, transformed LBR over the last 5+ years – formalising and growing our product function, expanding our capacity to scale and deliver, and most recently to ensure we have the analytics, analysis and growth function to support data-driven iterative development.

The product and tech group drives LBR through the evolution and development of exceptional products, based on five key principles:


Maximising Content Value:

Utilise technology to leverage and maximise the value of proprietary and third party content and data sets across platforms.




Client-led innovation supporting the digital acceleration of premium intelligence platforms.


Iterative, regular development, with a user-centric approach validated by data.



Build platforms and features that are embedded into clients’ workflows by prioritising engagement, improvements based on feedback and data and delivering maximum value to clients.


Delivery of innovation and development in a way to ensure that new features can survive and thrive as audiences and content sets continue to grow.

Product Development
Product Analytics
UX & Design
Scale & Delivery
Growth Marketing
Quality Assurance
Software Development
Platform Engineering
Data Science

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