Risk and Compliance

Multi-national companies must navigate increasing regulatory complexity and face heightened scrutiny across jurisdictions, which can expose them to legal, financial and reputational risks. More and more, companies are required to ensure that their business practices and operations are ethical and sustainable.

As guardians of their businesses’ reputation and resilience, risk and compliance functions are tasked with ensuring they adapt to the rapidly changing business and geopolitical environment while managing emerging risks such as cyber threats, data privacy and climate change and meeting stakeholders’ expectations.

LBR’s range of features, content and advanced tools enable compliance professionals to identify and mitigate potential risks by staying on top of and proactively addressing legal and regulatory change quickly and easily. Busy practitioners benefit from practical resources, tailored updates and horizon scanning across 50+ work areas and 170+ jurisdictions.



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Researched and written by our in-house specialist editors, our regular compliance forecasts, analysis and global updates on key topics such as data privacy, cyber risk, ESG, AI and sanctions help risk and compliance teams to stay abreast of regulatory developments around the world with ease.

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Our regulatory monitoring tool delivers automated updates daily from hundreds of regulatory sources in one centralised platform, alerting compliance practitioners to when and where their compliance obligations change, so they can take swift action to protect their business. We process regulatory updates quickly and accurately, delivering them in a digestible and consistent format. A fully customisable dashboard lets users filter by jurisdiction, regulatory area, authority and category of update to only receive updates that matter to their business.


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Practical Resources

Updating a business’s compliance procedures and policies to reflect the latest regulatory rules can be a time-consuming exercise for over-stretched compliance teams. Our practical resources include how-to guides, checklists and summaries designed to support teams in a range of activities in areas such as competition, data privacy, cybersecurity, AML, antibribery and ESG. We provide step-by-step guides to conducting risk assessments and for the design, implementation and evaluation of compliance programmes, as well as guidance on how to create a culture of compliance within an organisation.

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