Lexology Labs

AI has been at the core of our products for almost a decade. This includes our content enrichment capabilities and our search accuracy using Lexy, our conceptual search engine. These technologies allow our clients to find relevant documents and legal experts according to their needs.

In the years to come, AI will be pivotal to increase the value we provide to our clients. Currently, there is a fundamental shift, with the transformer architecture and Generative AI at the core of it, with announcements and changes happening at an exponential rate. In this rapidly evolving world, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. That is why we have created Lexology Labs, a dedicated division of LBR committed to pioneering innovation in the legal space.


The Lexology Labs team will follow four core principles:

Client-value focus: We prioritise solving user problems, using AI to create practical, production-ready solutions.

Legal-grade AI at scale: We ensure the quality, trust, and safety of our solutions to meet the rigorous requirements of the legal market.

Ambitious goals, iterative execution: We achieve our long-term ambitions through consistent progress, quick experimentation, and adaptability.

Credit the experts: We believe in enhancing the work of the legal experts who collaborate with and rely on LBR products, not replacing them.

Innovation and Sparks

To celebrate and reward employees that demonstrate our Innovation value, LBR offers a Spark initiative.

Employees from across all levels of seniority and all departments are encouraged to submit innovative ideas for central review. Innovation is core to everything at LBR, and all ideas are encouraged and invited, whether focusing on client need, product suggestions, internal processes and systems, or a new technology-led project.

The impact of AI on the legal space is accelerating rapidly. Lexology Labs will spearhead LBR’s work in this exciting space, exploring and delivering cutting-edge AI technologies to maximise the value to our clients.