Artificial Intelligence

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, including leveraging the work of our analysts and journalists through technology. We are committed to using the latest developments in AI and NLP to provide more value to our clients.

Our data scientists, software engineers, product managers and legal experts work together to create solutions that analyse and extract value from the huge volumes of global content we process.

Lexy is our powerful, natural language processing search tool that transforms legal research.

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Text Classification 

Most of the relevant information for legal professionals is on textual format. Our expertise in entity extraction and text classification is used to enrich this content, effectively and at scale.

This includes content authored by our own teams, contributed by external experts or is original legal source material including jurisprudence, legislation, and regulatory updates. Our global taxonomy is one of our key assets, and utilising AI-powered  entity extraction and classification technology, all content is assigned tags from multiple ontological groups, including legal work area, jurisdiction, topic, relevant law and cases, organisations and industries, courts, and roles. 

Search and Relevancy

We believe that, for every legal professional worldwide, at any given time, LBR will have content that is relevant and useful for them. Our work and improvements on the fields of search and relevancy have one clear goal: To deliver this content and insight to our clients as seamlessly as possible.

This includes continuously improving our search accuracy, as well as making the interaction with our systems as simple as possible. In both cases, our AI expertise plays a key role.  Our teams have utilised scalable, high performance vector databases to adapt and improve our search models, focusing on our AI-powered conceptual search, Lexy. Lexy is able to take a short piece of text from a user, namely a client request, a news clipping, an email or a briefing, and reutnr the most directly relevant resources from across the platform.  This conceptual search goes beyond keywords and tags to understand the meaning of the text, accelerating legal research for our users.

Data Visualisation 

A key aspect when dealing with millions of data points is the ability to provide a high-level overview, observing any trends and changes. Our work in data visualisation is used to expose trends from structured and unstructured data in compelling formats. This provides customers with tools to mine and understand our years of carefully gathered and curated content to understand performance, benchmark against competitors, and quickly analyse results across a spectrum of data points. 

How to Use Lexy to Accelerate Legal Research

Add Search Text

Upload your brief, article or own text which will form the basis of the search.

View Results

Lexy finds all resources relevant to your legal research from across the entire library of content, from legal updates and in-depth guides to videos and interviews with leading practitioners.

Filter Results

Filter results by content type, work area, jurisdiction or publication date to further refine your search.

Use Cases

Legal Research

Starting with a passage of text, LBR’s AI search immediately finds the most conceptually similar resources from across the platform, dramatically changing the pace and accuracy of legal research.

Instructing Counsel

Using a brief or a text description of a legal issue, the AI search tool provides users with experts and lawyers who have relevant experience and expertise for the specific problem at hand.

Understanding the Market

By combining AI-powered search with proprietary engagement data, users can immediately see which industry sectors or organisations are concerned with a particular issue, allowing law firm clients to optimise their practice development strategy and act on emerging opportunities.