A government investigation into corporate wrongdoing – over corruption, fraud, money laundering, sanctions breaches and more – can be the ultimate bet-the-company moment. Understanding the risk and how to avoid it, and then knowing the best way to navigate the intricacies of any investigation, is high-value knowledge whatever the industry or sector.

Global Investigations Review (GIR) is a unique service analysing the law and practice of cross-border investigations. It provides daily coverage of enforcement actions, and government agency investigations worldwide and offers deep dives into the United States’ enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement landscape in the US, as well as high-stakes sanctions investigations and enforcement. It offers an extensive series of technical guides on the process, practicalities and intricacies of international investigations, as well as a series of datasets enabling users to identify business opportunities and inform their strategies.

Lexology PRO offers a deep research tool for in-house compliance teams and their counsel concerned about anti-bribery and anti-money laundering risk, offering a suite of real-time regulatory alerts, focused analysis, black-letter primary sources, cross-jurisdictional Q&As and practical resources to drive intelligent research and help companies understand where to focus precious time and resources.

GIR allows users to gain critical insight of the market with qualitative and quantitative assessments of enforcement risk on the performance of the world’s leading investigations practices in law firms and consultancies. This community of leading professionals also use GIR events as their space to debate key emerging trends in the field, making GIR the home for ground-breaking analysis and discussion on international investigations.

Global Investigations Review (GIR) is a unique service analysing the law and practice of international investigations.

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News and Analysis

With an established network of contacts, our dedicated team of journalists travel worldwide to provide you with everything an investigations professional needs to stay informed. Our service covers daily news on global enforcement actions and legal developments, alongside exclusive data, surveys and practical guides.

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Practitioner’s Guide

The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations details every stage of a corporate investigation from an expert point of view – from discovery of the initial problem to conclusion and beyond – giving practical guidance for external and in-house counsel, compliance officers and accounting practitioners. It tracks the life cycle of a serious issue, from its discovery through investigation and resolution, and the many steps, considerations and decisions along the way. The guide provides valuable practical guidance, written by experts with real-world experience, for external and in-house counsel, compliance officers and accounting practitioners.

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  • GIR’s Enforcement Scorecard is a comprehensive guide to the world’s 100 largest corporate penalties. GIR sets out the most significant corporate enforcement actions in history and, where available, the lawyers and consultants who guided companies through them, and present the results in one interactive and searchable table.
  • In the FCPA Counsel Tracker, GIR presents four datasets with accompanying analysis to give users an understanding of who’s getting the FCPA work. GIR sources data points from public records and reports to list FCPA declinations from the DOJ since 2010 – in most cases identifying the counsel involved. In our table of counsel for live corruption investigations, we keep track of who’s advising whom, according to publicly available sources.


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Insider Views

The insider view on the FCPA enforcement landscape

GIR Just Anti-Corruption provides daily updates on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act-related matters, including regular scoops, news and analysis, and interviews. From GIR’s office in Washington DC, the team searches through all FCPA case dockets and SEC filings daily to tracks new and ongoing FCPA investigations, enforcement actions, monitorships, and related costs.

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The insider view on worldwide sanctions enforcement

GIR’s Just Sanctions service provides bespoke content, including interviews, surveys and conference reports, as well as data collections on sanctions enforcement and coverage of the advisers hired to guide companies through big investigations, settlement negotiations and monitorships.

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GIR Live London 2021


GIR Live hosts events throughout the year in key jurisdictions on the main issues in investigations law. Each event brings together speakers and delegates from in-house, private practice, forensic consultancies and government authorities.

Delegates will enjoy comprehensive updates, reviews of recent cases, practical advice and the opportunity to hear directly from authorities. Networking breaks, regular Q&A sessions, case studies and symposiums allow delegate interaction.

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Performance Data

The best lawyers, the biggest cases and the agencies to watch out for in one place.

GIR publishes independent, renowned signature performance data including the GIR 100: the annual guide to the world’s leading firms for corporate internal investigations.

Other surveys include The Due Process Guide, The Enforcement Scorecard, Women in Investigations, 40 Under 40, and Inside In-house. GIR Just Anti-Corruption publishes the FCPA Counsel Tracker, which lists the main advisors on every resolved case since Siemens in 2008, and the names of those chosen to lead FCPA monitorships dating back to 2004.

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