Agile Product Development

Our technology and product teams work closely together to leverage the power and volume of knowledge contained within our datasets to create invaluable tools for our clients. Working with our structured and categorised content set of millions of articles, documents and resources, the teams seek out solutions to our clients’ daily problems.

All product development projects start with detailed client discovery, to really understand the workflows and daily challenges our users face. This essential client discovery work feeds into the product planning, with product managers working with UX experts, key stakeholders and senior developers to determine how a new product or feature will work both technically and commercially. Our agile development team work in sprints to deliver new features or products, which are then launched to the business and the market.

Structured Data Sets

From recognition decisions in international restructuring and patent litigation analytics, to cases and precedents in mergers, vertical restraints or cartels, LBR provides users with intuitive, insightful tools to interrogate the data and accelerate legal research.

Comparison Tools

Whether comparing law firm performance over the past 20 years, benchmarking a firm’s analytics data or getting an immediate cross-jurisdictional view of how regulatory requirements vary, LBR provides quick, powerful research resources with the answers the user needs.

Analytics Dashboards

With millions of data points to digest and understand, LBR has built dashboards and customised alerting so that users never miss a key insight into their performance or market.

Meet the Team

LBR recently acquired Docket Navigator, a US-based litigation analytics business, and I think there is a lot of exciting potential for integrations in the near future.