Market Intelligence

LBR’s market intelligence products support the business development, client and competitive intelligence, and marketing and communications team within professional services firms.  LBR offers a complete suite of dynamic products designed to help clients unlock new commercial opportunities, optimise growth strategies and drive their firms forward.

The Power of Data

Business Development
Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking
Client Intelligence and Research
Firm Marketing and Reach
Thought Leadership and Expert Positioning
Detailed Performance Analytics
Informed Decision Making and Strategy
Practice Development

Data-Driven Decisions

Our analytics dashboards, regular reporting and unique tools allow decision-makers to optimise their growth strategy. Using visualisations and reports of proprietary readership data, Lexology provides a fantastic window into key developments and areas of concern facing specific industries, geographies, practice areas or legal topics. This granularity of data allows firms to better understand their existing and prospective clients’ needs and ultimately deliver a better and more informed service.

Our analytics products are focused on providing law firms with actionable insight into trends in the market, content performance, emerging topics and practice development opportunities. Granular analytics dashboards and regular reporting allow our clients to understand where they are seeing success and whether they are meeting their objectives. Lexology’s global audience provides ample opportunity for law firms to understand and expand into new jurisdictions, target specific industry sectors or focus on growth in individual practice areas.

We understand the nuance and variety of our clients’ objectives and have developed sophisticated product offerings accordingly. Whether focusing on client updates and legal news, detailed question and answer formats, in-depth annual reviews or specialist commentary, all of our analytics solutions provide an advanced platform for law firms to showcase their practice in front of an unparalleled audience and use data and analytics to understand and develop their strategies.

Multiple interfaces showing analytics tools

Specialist Market Intelligence

Each of LBR’s specialist platforms provides opportunities for firms to showcase their expertise in front of our engaged specialist audiences. Clients can provide thought leadership content in a range of formats, including annual, focused snapshots of particular regions, detailed information about individual jurisdictions in an easy-to-use on-the-go tool, and thematic specialist analysis of global themes, with jurisdictional detail from experts on the ground.

In-house counsel and private practitioners within specialist legal communities have consistently sought both practical guidance and insight into best practice to maintain their expertise and deliver successfully within their organisation. Yet, often, this high-level expertise has been difficult and costly to source and has failed to fulfil the community’s needs. LBR’s Market Intelligence products were created to solve this deep-rooted problem and to provide functional insight that not only meets the requirement for valuable information but also offers guidance to solve specific issues, leveraging our brands and their positions within the global specialist communities for news, data, strategy, events and performance data. Participating in a Market Intelligence product provides practitioners and law firms with an unrivalled opportunity to spark conversation and get to the heart of what practitioners care about right now.

Specialist Indices

Unique, targeted and critical business information is at the heart of the Performance Data division. We run a tried-and-tested research process to acquire proprietary data, derive value from this information and then present it in a meaningful way to support decision-making.

Our brand depth and breadth give unique access to our key legal communities, allowing us to research and validate information that no other business can.

Our unique research methodology underpins all of our performance data products.