Analysis and insight

Law Business Research is an innovative creator of world-class products – not only do we deliver up-to-date coverage of legal developments around the globe, we also go the extra mile to analyse the ‘why’ behind these changes. Digging deep, we transform news into actionable intelligence.
Our constellation of information services includes high-quality subscription products, intuitive platforms and engaging events. They make hard-to-find, complicated material accessible, empowering our customers to stay that crucial step ahead of changes in law, policy and regulation around the world.
We are always working to develop new ways to refine, analyse and deliver the colossal amounts of information that our platforms provide. Our proprietary analytics already provide firms with a unique tailored insight into how their content is being received, while our legal analysis tools inform decision making and better connect companies with their clients. Our ultimate goal is to best enable our users to face the future head on, armed with the insight that they need.


Solid data is the bedrock of everything that Law Business Research does – over two decades we have developed a robust research methodology which drives significant value for our clients. Through a combination of automated data gathering and comprehensive secondary research by our in-house experts, we create incisive, insightful products, precisely targeted to fulfil clients’ needs.

Our experts

Over the last 20 years, Law Business Research has operated exclusively in the legal and commercial markets, becoming an integral part of the communities it serves. Our team of analysts, researchers and industry commentators is dedicated to providing the most vital market insight.
Our in-house experts have deep sector knowledge and experience, enabling us to deliver critical knowledge and timely, granular and actionable insight. Accuracy, rigorous research and fact checking are key to everything that we do.
Working with a broad spectrum of legal professionals – from students taking their first steps into a career in law, to subject-matter experts at the top of their game – gives Law Business Research a unique 360-degree view of the legal industry, contributing to our unique understanding of how our clients work and the tools that they need most.
We are proud to have built creative partnerships with some of the world’s most respected legal experts. From timely comment to incisive analysis, the thought leaders with whom we work enable us to distinguish between insignificant and crucial legal developments, which we communicate to our clients through engaging, thought-provoking content.

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