Global Arbitration Review Launches Primary Sources

LBR is delighted announce the launch of Global Arbitration Review’s (GAR) Primary Sources.

Primary Sources is a repository of original arbitration documents from the GAR archives offering our GAR subscribers vital, strategic insights, allowing them to level up their research.

These documents show our users the details of decisions by discovering complete awards alongside other relevant documents. Each is fully searchable and links to GAR coverage and relevant arbitrator pages in our Arbitrator Research Tool (ART), providing the crucial context to effectively broaden users’ research.

With Primary Sources, our users can:

Primary Sources will receive frequent updates until all awards in the GAR archive are available. Additionally, users can expect periodic enhancements such as greater filtering capabilities and synergy with GAR ART.

About GAR

Covering commercial and investment arbitration Global Arbitration Review (GAR) is the leading intelligence service for members of the international arbitration community.

About LBR

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