The latest release of Lexology’s search engine, Lexy

Lexology delivers the most comprehensive source of international legal updates, analysis and insights for law firms and in-house counsel worldwide. We are excited to announce the latest release of our search engine, Lexy, which enables Lexology PRO subscribers to search our archive of global expertise, commentary and resources quickly and easily.

We have leveraged the latest AI technology to improve the quality of our search engine results. Our new embedding technology can match similar texts even if they use different words, style, or tone. By going beyond keyword searching and Boolean logic, Lexy understands the meaning of the input text and utilises vector databases to find resources with similar meaning.

“At any given moment, for every legal professional in the world, Lexology has hundreds of relevant pieces of information and expertise. Lexy is the start of a series of products and capabilities coming in 2024 that use AI to boost the value of Lexology for legal professionals worldwide”, Dr. Miguel Martinez, Director of Innovation and AI.

This change allows users to input a short, simple question or topic, such as “ESG and supply chain regulation” and quickly find the most pertinent articles and resources on the platform. Users can also securely input a client brief, detailed paragraph or even a full article.  Ask Lexy search query text is never stored by Lexology.

This semantic search improvement is even more powerful when combined with our filtering capabilities, built on our work area and jurisdictions taxonomies. For example, users can use a query as simple as “Generative AI” with the USA jurisdiction and the Copyright work-area filters to stay updated on the latest articles and resources from Lexology and the world’s leading law firms.

This is one of the new AI-capabilities that we will be demonstrating during Legal Week. Visit booth 1216 if you want to try this capability or if you want to learn more about our exciting upcoming products in 2024.

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